The world is becoming more interconnected every day, which has forever changed the way that people do business. Aside from the tremendous growth of eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay, the internet has changed the way that people shop locally as well.

Referrals, reviews, and recommendations are still extremely important to consumers making buying decisions, but that conversation has moved online and is dominated by a few major players like Google & Yelp.

These aggregators have taken millions of conversations about local businesses (“best HVAC installer in the bay area”, “top water damage repair in Houston”, etc.) and delivered a single, authoritative answer: the listing with the most positive reviews.

What does that mean for local businesses competing in today’s marketplace? Local businesses need to make sure that they are not only represented in these results, but that they are positioned as the only choice. In fact, a recent analysis from BrightLocal found that Local and Organic search provide the best ROI for local businesses and drive 40% of traffic

Increase qualified website traffic

We make changes to your website structure, make content recommendations, and get high quality links to your site to improve your website’s position in search results

Improve ROI

Unlike other marketing mediums (like paid search), the increase in traffic from SEO is free

Increase your brand recognition

As your website becomes more authoritative, rankings usually improve for inner pages (blog posts, articles, etc.), which increases your brand’s exposure to users who are already searching for relevant terms

Our Process


Find areas of opportunity by analyzing the client’s website & those of their competitors


Based on our market & competitive research, we’ll formulate a plan to dominate your market and target your most valuable customers


Go, go, go! Our team of digital marketing experts will execute on the agreed-upon strategy & begin making our optimizations


Track ranking improvements & traffic growth in customized reports every week

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