The real value of a website today is visibility


The popularization of plug-and-play website builders and templates has made getting on the internet easier than ever before. Nowadays, every pet store, locksmith, and burger joint has its own website and has established an online presence. But what good is a website if it’s not visible? If local customers can’t find your site when they’re ready to make a purchase, why have a website at all?

Although the medium of marketing has evolved, the underlying value has not: reach potential customers when they are looking for your services, with a relevant message and a strong call to action. Rather than fighting to be on the front page of the newspaper, advertisers today are fighting to be on the first page of Google.

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Design For Your Users

Understanding your customers is the cornerstone of user experience design, and just smart business. We take the time to understand your ideal customer segments, and build your site around their needs.

Increase Website Traffic

Performing detailed keyword research, implementing a Google-friendly site structure, and tailoring your site to the terms with the most “buyer intent” is absolutely key. These steps tell search engines that your site is relevant and should appear at the top of the results.

Turn Visitors Into Customers

When you focus on driving the right traffic to your website, your users are more engaged and more likely to make a purchase.


Drive traffic that is more relevant, more engaged, & makes more purchases.


Whereas traditional marketing appeals to the masses, “long tail” marketing is tailored to address the needs of niches. In a nutshell, the more specific a search is, the more insight we have into the searcher’s mindset, position in the purchasing funnel, and intent. Targeting the right keywords is the key to driving relevant and quality traffic to your website.

The concept of the ‘long tail’ was popularized by Chris Anderson, who stated that more than 50% of Amazon’s book sales came from titles that had never been sold in a Barnes & Noble.

Applying this principle to the search engines yields a single result: address the needs of a specific niche, provide valuable and engaging content, and your visitors will become customers.

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